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Heroin? What happened to the “Weapons of Mass Destruction?”

I personally have been following the situation in the Middle East for years now and I have been writing a lot of articles recently about what is going on from my perspective. I have always said that the invasion of the Middle East was never about any “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which they STILL HAVE YET TO FIND. It has always been about capitalist movements in order to gain access to rich oil reserves, poppy fields for the production of opium and heroin and to set up base in the Middle East to dictate the global elite agenda and gain control of the land in those areas. This article is about the Russian government blatantly accusing NATO for the surge of heroin production across the globe. This further solidifies “conspiracy theorists” claims about corruption and lies towards situations overseas. It may be hard to fathom for some people but yes, you have been lied to and our world leaders control the global narcotics trade. There are no “rebel cartels.” These cartels work for the “elite” government of the world. More and more truth is coming to light everyday.


Russia blames Nato for heroin surge from Afghanistan

The head of Russia’s federal drug control agency has accused Nato of not doing enough to curb the production of heroin in Afghanistan.

Victor Ivanov said at least 30,000 people died in Russia every year from heroin, 90% of it from Afghanistan.

He blamed the Obama administration for ending a military drive to destroy opium poppy crops in Afghan fields.

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The US said the practice was alienating farmers and driving them to support the Taliban.

This is not the first time Mr Ivanov has lambasted Nato for failing to stamp out drug production in Afghanistan.

He said leaving poppy fields guaranteed immunity for drug producers.

Russia says the consequence has been a flood of cheap heroin in to Central Asia and Russia.

Mr Ivanov said drug production in Afghanistan was now a global destabilising factor, particularly for Russia.

Russia is believed to have around five million drug addicts, half of whom are addicted to heroin.

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