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Chiles quake could not have shifted the earths axis, slowed earths rotation and thus shortened our days by a millisecond according to NASA. We are on a Gregorian calendar system that is not in sync with anything in the universe. NASA’s theory might be plausible if our calendar was a 13 month, 4 week and 28 day system.  There have been more intense longer lasting earth quakes throughout history that have not shifted the earths axis.

So why now has the earths axis shifted and shortened our day?

Know that the dark masters of this planet do have an agenda and their number one fear is the shifting of the poles in 2012. The shifting of the poles would cause catastrophic damage all over the planet. This is why cities like Dubai have sprung up in the middle of the desert with all the ancient symbolism and modern architecture. The city of Dubai is located in the golden mean region of the planet.  The direct centre of our planet they believe, therefore according to the masters of this earth when the poles shift the weak gravitational force in that golden mean area will act as a protective cushion for all the structures, thus preserving the masters heritage and secret knowledge.

The masters of this planet know that by directing the collective thought toward fear of martial law and fear of a coming pole shift in 2012 we as a planet will in fact manifest that creation. The powers that be are manipulating our thoughts to ones of fear and catastrophe instead of rebirth and bliss. Pay no mind to the propaganda the controlled corporate media is throwing at you. Their stories will soon get more outrageous more intense more frequent and more fearful. You will not experience what they tell you if you choose to not experience it.

It is impossible that our axis could have shifted and the days shortened. The days are shortened and lengthened annually due to the equinoxes and changing of seasons. Mother nature does not run on the dark alliances clock nor does mother earth play within the system of fear, control and limitation. Neither do we as naturally we are the children of earth.

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 Andre H. Paris

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