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swine_flu_vaccine-dangerYou would think that by now they would have completely given up on the entire H1N1 scam but it appears there not quite done. Even after all the false hype and investigations into H1N1 being a complete fraud, the media continues to insult the masses by now mocking skeptics on the vaccine with commercials.

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Its not a secret, unless we have been living with blinders on for the past year, H1N1 was not quite the virus the media made it out to be, and there was quite a large number of cases where people were greatly harmed by the vaccines that were deemed to be “safe.”  After extensive research by both everyday people and independent doctors, it was made quite clear that the contents of the H1N1 vaccine are definitely not something desirable by the body and nor is it safe. Not only that but vaccines in general have been virtually proven to do absolutely nothing at all in preventing illness.

None the less, here is an interesting commercial regarding the H1N1 vaccine and how skeptics “will believe anything they hear.” I hate to say it but, if we believe what’s being said in this commercial, we are in big, big trouble.



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