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Recently I came across a memory of an event that seemed to give me a great vantage point into a world we have the complete potentiality to live in. The event just seemed to appear so different to me now than it did at the time it occurred. Thinking and reliving the experience hit me in a beautiful way. I shall share the story.

A bunch of friends and I were up at a cottage and were looking to play a bit of a prank on one of our friends. Chocolate cake and chocolate Ex lax, you get the idea. The guy we were planning to play the prank on was a pretty big fan of the cake we had and so naturally things would go over well in offering him multiple pieces.

As we offered him the first piece his eyes lit up as he realized it was his favorite cake and he was, as anyone would be, quite happy to receive it. He had a big smile on his face and was excited for it, appreciative of the fact that his friends were giving him his favorite cake.. of course he didn’t know our sinister agenda behind it. I really want to draw attention to the fact that their existed a REAL sense of joy and happiness as to him, it was a moment of receiving something from someone with the best intentions, feeling no expectation on either side to return any favor.

After he finished the first piece we had decided to offer him another. Of course, he was overjoyed at the fact that we were offering him another piece. I can remember, so clearly, the joy his face as we gave him the next piece. At the time I was more into the fact that he was going to have some undesirable experiences later, but now as I look back, I only see his over-joy as everything seemed to be perfect in his world. The rest of the story from here on out plays no importance in my recent realization, but long story short, the Exlax didn’t quite work as strong as we had wanted.

What struck me recently about this event, that gave me an idea of what the world could be like, was the fact that in his eyes his friends were happily and willingly giving him his favorite thing and expecting nothing in return. It was simply a generous and happy exchange of something that lead to enjoyment. But the world we live in right now requires “The Ex lax.” On our end we were really only giving him the cake so happily and joyfully because we had investments in it.

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What if we could live in a world where we viewed every exchange from the point of neutrality in terms of expecting to receive something, and simply just offer what we have to others from our hearts? Why is it we feel we are a “good” person if we give things expecting nothing in return? Why is it that we refuse to do things unless we are going to get something in return? Can’t we just share what there is to offer on this planet, which is abundance, and enjoy a world where there is no need for the “Ex lax factor?”

The potentiality for this scenario is already here, and wanting to come out. We simply are going through the stages of releasing and letting go of all that is clouding it. The expectations, the way we view our current system, the way we currently interact with each other. Certainly there are many of us who already are playing with this consciousness, but collectively we are not quite all on the same page. This is OK considering it’s the experience we have chosen and it offers the polarity, but I feel we are living in a time where we are about to move on from the way we “exchange” at this time. From the way we exchange money for goods to the way we exchange words between one another, quite the evolution in consciousness is taking place and its happening in a big way, can you feel it? See it?

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