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Learn How to Celebrate Your Limitations for Life SuccessAs things appear to be escalting and presenting at a very fast pace around us, it appears so many of us are becoming confused and unsettled, realizing there is something we have been un aware of for a very long time and now it’s clear that we are opening up to it. What do I mean when I say “it?” Simply, the experience we are living right now, “the way it is,” is not as  concrete as we think it is, and most of what we know right now, is simply a concept we have been taught or conditioned to believe, with much more beyond it.

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We are in a time where we are being presented with many experiences that are forcing up to the surface many emotions, complications, and uncomfortable experiences that are allowing us to observe (if we are aware of it) all the little programs and concepts that are keeping us thinking we are locked up in where we are at. This is happening because we are evolving past the structures we currently have in place and it’s time to look inside and see how much we have been limiting ourselves with archaic concepts and handed down structures that have created our reality. Autopilot is essentially being turned off.

That being said, I have decided to create a series of articles that will explore the main structures of authority that have all assisted in shaping our perceptions up to this point. Not to say they are bad or created problems, but simply to shine the light on how our perceptions have been formed by them. All of these structures served us in a beautiful way, allowing us to experience all of the emotions and lessons we got from them. Now however, we are moving beyond them, and clearly seeing how they have shaped our experience, Allowing us to see through the program and into an world where we can create any sort of experience we choose, without guilt, judgment, fear, worry or dis-ease.

Over the next week, we will look into what we have been handed down from parents/family, religions, education, societal norms and collective concepts, our governments and our cultures. My hope is that we can provide some clarity into seeing beyond the programs and limitations that have been set up and get out of the “stuck state” we are currently in where we think and feel “this is all there is and it cannot change.” Sure we can hide and avoid looking inside and seeing what is going on, but in the time upon us, we are going to have things surface whether we wish to see it or not, we can’t simply run from it any longer.

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