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I always enjoyed doing little exercises like this for fun, so I thought why not see what everyone else has to say about it! I think many of us will be surprised at what they see when they try it out as so often we get our ideas of the future from the mind, where as when it comes from within, it can produce very different results. A simple note before getting into the instructions, remember this isn’t about knowing the future and trying to figure it out, it’s more so a light hearted exercise to see what you invision from a peaceful space without the mind.

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The key here is to simply clear the mind as best you can, not worrying about if you are doing the process, right but simply opening up to having a clear mind. If focusing on the breath helps to bring you to the moment then use that, if you have other methods to bring you to the moment and clear your mind, use those.

When you have reached a clear point or a relatively clear point, it doesn’t have to be perfect, try this: Intend to look ahead say 5 – 10 years from now. Given the world we are living in right now, with all of the structures we have in place, monetary, education, government, health care, the way we relate to one another, country segregation, war, hate etc. do you see it continuing? Are you able  to see all of these structures existing at the time you project to? Or do you se something totally different?

If you do try it out, share your experience below some feedback as to what you saw or felt.

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