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jh_pic_071031_WarIran_1We can hear the sound of the war drums beating louder and louder as America has placed new sanctions on Iran and are talking about “surgical precision” air strikes, which in layman’s terms means the collateral damage of innocent civilians. An air strike on Iran is like throwing rocks at a hornets nest.

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America has also expanded their presence in Pakistan, as well as having troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, Americas forces seem to be thinning out. The bankrupt Anglo American arm of the globalist agenda looks to be way over extended. To say that a military offensive is in the works for Iran would mean the strike would be based on naval and air forces only. The only question is what false flag will the rulers of this world use to rally the people behind an attack or an invasion?

The masses are being fashioned to despise and hate an enemy that does not exist. The war on terror, the war on insurgents, the war against Al Qaeda? Those are all just words with no tangible meaning. The definition of Al Qaeda is n.  An international organization of loosely affiliated cells that carry out attacks and bombings in the attempt to disrupt the economies and influence of Western nations and advance Islamic fundamentalism. The translation on the other hand is a totally different thing, the translation of Al Qaeda is “the database.” The CIA had a database of agents or insurgents during the days of Charlie Wilson who they used to bring down the Soviets in the mountains of Afganistan.  Thus the “threat” of Al Qaeda is nothing more than a database of agents the CIA has on a computer somewhere.

More and more people are awakening, and more and more people seek answers and explanations for the lies and deceit that has been sold to the public over the years. For those that refer to this time we live in as the “end of days” or the “death of our planet,” all that is happening is we are evolving. We as a planet are moving toward a new world that we all wish to see.

The globalists will continue to beat their war drums louder in the coming days. The people however seek truth and are tired of war and devastation. If we look around we see that people want peace, we are sick of playing these roles of dominating the weak or fearing the strong. It is time to let the war and plundering go as we move toward the centre and remember that we are all divine, connected and powerful beyond measure.


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Andre H. Paris

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