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Filtering AustraliaMany may be questioning how everything that is happening in the world is relative to what is being called “The Shift.” I was recently asked about the role the internet plays and why governments are pushing for internet censorship.

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So how are the internet, the return to zero time and collective consciousness related?

I believe we are beginning to collectively live in the now. In the history books the powers that be were always able to easily sway public opinion in favour of what ever agenda the day called for. Humanity had no access to the moment or real time and therefore the public experienced a delay of information. At the time humanity didnt want access to now time, humanity wanted and needed to be governed. We needed to be dominated by authority in order for us to progress as a species. The rulers of this world used that time delay to their advantage by manipulating information in order to keep control and power over the people.

Part of humanities evolution is to return to centre, return to the moment and to transform how we perceive the world around us. To do this we have begun to act instead of react, we have collectively begun to view the world no longer as solid matter but as transparent potential. That shift within our collective consciousness has brought us into the now. Seeing the potential in yourself and the world around you is seeing the moment or seizing the moment.

If you think about living in the moment and having your thoughts create a new, since you thoughts are real; something tangible must follow.

Bring on the age of the internet. The collective consciousness manifested. The transparent potential of thought instantly shared through media, blogs, social networking, alternative news websites, etc. Humanity has evolved to now time. We are living in zero time, there is no more delay of information. Without the delay of information raw truth is available for all to see.

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The control and manipulation of public opinion to fulfill a one world agenda does not run on now time. In the mainstream news you are starting to see and hear more and more about cyber terrorist attacks, identity theft, credit card fraud and a host of other internet based fear propaganda. Those fear tactics are being used to sell the need to censor the internet. The truth is, the internet is playing the role of news medium and truth distributor. The powers that be are trying to now contain what has been created. The internet was created by the military and never intended to give this much power to the people.

Now that we have evolved to having this true voice of freedom with no delay it will be hard for the powers that be to completely turn it off. The internet and the voice we have has become too ingrained in our society. Try as they may to shut it down or censor it, i don’t believe they will succeed because we have evolved to the age of now, there is no more delay and room for lies, we dont want to play that game any longer.

Our view point has changed to one of transparency and potential rather than solid dense physical. Censorship might slow the truth for a little but it won’t stop it. We live in an expansive universe on a planet that supports progression. We will not move backwards and regress to the age of telegraphs. It is all just part of us evolving and bringing truth to power.


Andre H. Paris

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