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medium size couple nature nattu flickr attrHow many times have we looked forward to something so much that we missed out on many of the moments that passed us by leading up to it? How about when the anticipated moment comes and we spend parts of it thinking ahead and not enjoying every single moment for exactly what it is? Maybe we realize this now and begin to become aware of how much we miss out on experiences that pass us by every day. Maybe we feel some “pain” or “regret” when realizing we had missed out and did not appreciate each moment FULLY.

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Being able to fully appreciate each moment and allowing things to unfold minute by minute without ever worrying about the past or the future is a very powerful thing; it it certainly is not always very easy. Personally, to learn this myself, I had to look back on previous events to observe and realize I had missed out on appreciating certain moments for what they were. This brought up feelings that pushed me to pay closer attention to what is happening NOW. Certainly it is true that although I knew that I should be in the moment, and that being there was peaceful and powerful, I only had the knowledge of it and not the full wisdom of it. I wasn’t fully DOING it.

I gave myself an opportunity to reflect back on an experience where I had something magical in front of me for quite some time. Even though I spent much of the time fully experiencing and enjoying every moment, there were many moments that passed me by where I was completely in thought elsewhere. While there is nothing wrong with not being in the moment all the time, this experience allowed me to really see how beautiful it truly is to experience every moment.

Unlike other observations of past experiences, looking back and realizing I was not fully in the moment in this situation brought up extreme feelings of regret and pain. I felt as though I had ‘betrayed’ my heart in some way as I was spending time in the mind playing with events and experiences that were in the future, that don’t even exist. I of course learned this was not the case as we cannot truly betray the heart, but instead we can use our experiences of feeling this way to learn how to adjust our lives moving forward.

When I parted with someone I was spending time with, the intense feelings began and I began to fully learn what appreciating every moment truly means. The pain and regret were tools for me. They were not emotions that I felt and sided with, instead, I chose to see them as a tool that helped bring awareness of what the heart and natural state truly is – peaceful, still, and harmonious in every moment.

“Where are you?” “Here.” “What time is it?” “Now.” “What are you?” “The moment.”

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If we can remember and be aware of those words as we go about our day, we can remain closer and more appreciative of every moment while enjoying each unique aspect of it. Regardless of how mundane or ordinary we may feel certain moments are, none of them are the same or unimportant. I share this with you to extend what I have experienced so that maybe something can be taken from it and shifts can be made within us to move beyond the being stuck in our headspace. I would love for each of us to truly know and feel what it is like to be in the moment and feel the peace that it is. I know it is totally possible to do each day, it simply takes some awareness and getting rid of the habits of the mind.

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