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Just think about the world we live in today. Our failing global economy, defaults, past due notices and credit card debt. Think about all the incentives we have to purchase with our credit cards, think of the points. We get points at the gas station for buying gas on credit, we get points on our credits cards after purchases to fly around the world, get gift certificates, etc. We get points at fast food restaurants to win flat screen TV’s or game systems. We even get points for eating children’s cereal in the morning. Certain banks now have cash back incentives, for every $200 you spend they give you 2% cash back. Everything we do in society today is based on a point system. Part of our incentive to purchase is based on the reward points we can potentially earn for using a certain card. Welcome to “The Game.”

With technology today being disposable and cheaper, everything is being fitted with chips, cameras and memory. There are reasons why phones, game boys, reality TV, youtube and social networking all have a camera in them or involve cameras. We are being programmed to want to be watched. We are being conditioned to think that fame and looking good in front of the camera is a necessity. Always being ready to take that perfect facebook pic to post on your profile, or take the best video to upload to YouTube or be on a reality TV show. Does anyone stop to think why we have become so in love with being in front of a camera? Could it be that governments and corporations are conditioning us to enjoy being watched and monitored. Tagged and monitored like cattle, kept in line by fear of scrutiny from our peers.

The way we live and what we purchase is all presented to us as entertainment, packaged as just a fun game. Within the video game industry the goal is to gain points, level up, win the game, or get the prize. In some ways our lives have become huge role playing games with the corporations having a vested interest in what we spend, like and dislike. Sensor technology and tracking technology is not a thing of the future. Verichip implants are being introduced as part of healthcare that will hold all of ones health records and know where they are in an emergency. Even our dogs are now fitted with tracking chips. Police departments around the world have sensor technology that scans licence plates automatically. The gaming industry has sensor technology in systems like Wii, Project Natal, and Playstation Move.

What does this all mean? Some argue that “I don’t do anything wrong and have nothing to hide.” It is not a matter of whether people have anything to hide. Criminals will always be criminals whether they are being watched or not. It is about us willingly becoming a micromanaged society in the name of points games and entertainment, becoming a docile public. Wake up to the world we live in, we live in a police state, the NWO isn’t coming, its here. Minority Report, 1984, and Disneys Wall-E were movies that were telling us something. We can choose to stop all this when we want to. Monitoring is a tool the weak use to try and keep up with the strong.

Below is a video taken from the 2010 D.I.C.E. (Design Innovate Communicate Entertain) Summit. Think about what the speaker is talking about, think about what is already part of your daily life and how possible the future he talks about really could be.

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Andre H. Paris

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