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StopthebombwecareWhen I saw the title of the latest article in the BBC news about the global nuclear weapons situation, I said to myself, “they’re making progress but it’s still not good enough.” Their claims are contradictory as well. This whole mess and the way that our world leaders are handling it seems a bit childish to me. In my opinion, this is one of the most significant situations humanity has ever dealt with. If they don’t solve this issue peacefully and maturely it could spark World War III. I took some quotes from the article and thought I would share my thoughts on the matter.

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“US President Barack Obama’s administration has unveiled plans for substantial reductions in America’s nuclear weapons’ stockpile.”

I think this is a great start to reevaluating our choice and means of settling dispute on this planet, but at the same time, I think we can still do much better. Reducing the stockpile still does not get rid of nuclear weapons altogether. The documentation in the article states that the US has approximately 2,200 nuclear weapons. Even if the stockpile is reduced by 50% that’s still 1,100 potentially devastating weapons that could obliterate life on Earth. How does this serve the betterment of mankind? That’s like saying they’ll reduce the amount of poisonous fluoride in our water systems. The poison is still there. How about completely abolishing them?

“But its strategy review warned Iran and North Korea they would remain potential targets if they continued to defy the international community.”

“It said the US would only used nuclear arms in “extreme circumstances”.”

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“But the Nuclear Posture Review comes with a major condition: countries will only be spared a US nuclear response if they comply with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – this does not include Iran and North Korea.”

When I read these statements I couldn’t help but laugh. So this is what they’re saying. Either Iran and North Korea REDUCE their stockpile and conform to the treaty, as the US is claiming to do, or they will remain on the US target list with threats of retaliation by means of nuclear weapons. They’re threatening to use nuclear weapons if these countries don’t stop making nuclear weapons. This one speaks for itself.

When I truly take a look at this, really truly step back from my daily life and look at what our world leaders are arguing about, it brings tears to my eyes to think that this is what humanity has come to. The fact that we even have nuclear weapons in the first place, is sickening.

From my understanding and sources of information, we have come close to obliterating ourselves as a race twice before in recent years. Once in the 1980’s and once in the 1990’s. But how was this devastation stopped? The Galactic Federation’s assistance through the sharing of their higher levels of consciousness. They were monitoring the planet at these times and just before buttons were literally pushed, they stepped in to show our world leaders the consequences of such actions. It’s happened twice before and we still haven’t learned our lesson yet. I understand that the Galactic Federation has had a major impact on this current situation, negotiating with our world leaders to halt a third world war.

We have gone so far into the darkness that our ignorance has led us to the brink of extinction caused by our own self. Think of what nuclear radiation on a mass scale would do to the planet and humanity. It’s situations like this that inspires me to do what I do. How can we and our children look to a bright future when our planet is ruled by “people” who could do these sorts of things? Some food for thought.



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