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pope_wideweb__470x295,0I wanted to bring this up because I think can easily turn a blind these days especially when looking at the world for what it is. This certainly can be a touchy subject but I feel it’s not when we are being honest with ourselves.

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It is said that among criminals, rapists and pedophiles are considered to be bottom of the barrel when it comes to how they are viewed. In prison, it is common that rapists and pedophiles are subject to very hard times by other inmates due to the nature of the crimes they have committed. Many times pedophiles have been badly beat up and murdered by other inmates for what they have done to others on the outside.

In knowing that, and also clearly seeing the acceptance of pedophilia within the Catholic church, why do they seem to be an exception to the rule? I’m not saying violence or murder is necessary here whatsoever, I’m simply bringing awareness to the fact that we are can often be blind when it comes to how we view religion and the events that go on. We sometimes are unable to even see the people and institution in the same way we see real life and other people. There are some us who believe the Pope is closer to God because of his position in the church and therefore we have a filter blocking us from seeing what he actually represents and does -the same goes for how we view priests. Again, this is not to attack or judge but instead to simple think about what is going on here.

If you were sitting in a room and a man walked in and it was known he was a pedophile, you might feel uncomfortable or possibly judge him for what he has done. Most likely you would think he is a “bad” person or “disgusting” etc. Yet we don’t sit on our couch watching the television set saying to ourselves “The Pope is a bad person and disgusting for fully knowing these priests were pedophiles and doing nothing about it.” Similarily, we line up like crazy when the Pope is making a speech or doing a mass because we want to see him, we flock to the very person we would run from simply because he wears a certain set of clothing and we buy into illusory power. Now this is not to say the Pope is a “good” or “bad” person, there is no need to label, simply, see it for what it is and don’t color it by his position.

So I ask, how much has religion really molded our perception? How much power have we actually given something that is based on a book? It is not my goal to bash, but to simply state what’s happening here. We do not see religious figures in the same way as everyone else because we probably fear what God would think if we said something bad about the Pope. Or we might end up in “hell” for agreeing that the Pope is a “bad,” “disgusting” person and condones pedophilia.

Let’s try and observe the Catholic church just as we would everyone else, after all, we are all equal.

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