The Recent Increase In Chemtrails

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Maybe you have noticed or maybe you haven’t, but there has been quite the increase in Chemtrails over the past 2 months. This article is being written to create awareness about chemtrails, not to create anger that they exist or a violent fight against those who spray them. Too often do “truth seekers” want to get violent or fight the new world order, the suppression is much easier to dismantle without violence and angry opposition. Awareness and peace is everything.

Chemtrails are a mixture of heavy metals (silver dioxide, sulphur dioxide, barium dioxide, alluminum etc.) selectively sprayed from airplanes as they fly. They appear as long white lines up in the sky, not to be confused with contrails which is simply condensation released from the airplane. The difference between the two is very easy to determine. A regular harmless contrail will dissipate from the plane and diminish very quickly leaving a short line as the plane goes by. A Chemtrail is quite different in the sense that you will see the line go for miles and over time is expands across the sky creating a haze.

Have you ever noticed a bright blue sky suddenly become overcast with a grey haze? It may have been the result of a number of chemtrails in the area. The next time you see what you think is a contrail in the sky, observe it for a few more minutes and see if it remains as a large long line that expands and dusts the sky. Maybe there will be several.

The reason these are sprayed are simply to offset the natural harmony of the body and it’s health as well as to affect brain activity. These chemicals get into the air we breath, the water we drink and the soil that grows our food. It intends to damage productivity in the brain so it’s not as sharp.

The reason for the recent increase in activity is simple, the Elite is in a state of panic as they are watching their power slip away and they see their days ruling are numbered. They are also watching as many of their regular tactics are starting to fail as we at the soul level choose to have them not affect us. They are simply doing whatever they can at this point. Similar to the recent increase of chlorine in many water supplies.

Here are some pictures taken in earl April of 2010 in Pickering, Ontario.







Expands further:


Starting to cover sky:


Almost fully covered:


Covered… and their spraying one more for good measure:



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  1. brandon

    im relieved to see someone else in the world noticed. there was a chembow around the sun today. ive only been watching the chemtrails/clouds for a few weeks and i can notice a drastic difference

  2. brandon

    Bristol, Connecticut

  3. I created an informative page on my website.

  4. Hussein

    They want to create an offset in the climate as well, as their plan of anthropogenic climate change was disrupted and exposed, now they want to create man-made bad weather themselves!

    Not to mention, of course, the other health and food problems that these chemtrails do!

    Let’s move on to full change in the world!


    • Excellent point…Hurricane Sandy was supposedly kept at strength so it would slam the Northeastern US with as much power as it did, through the use of chemtrails – that’s just one perspective, I’m not saying it’s fact, but it sure is logical. Reason why I say it’s logical is from an atmospheric perspective, the hurricane should NOT have been able to survive as it did because the waters were WAY too cold at those latitutdes, hurricanes need warm waters to stay strong and build strength. Once the SST drops below 70F tropical cyclones tend to fizzle out quickly. The reason they get so strong here in Florida and the Caribbean is because SST’s are 80F and warmer during season…SST’s in the 70’s and lower are NOT conducive for tropical cyclones, which is why we rarely get Atlantic hurricanes during winter months.

  5. max

    I live in pickering and they are all over today! wtf!

  6. Earl

    They should be made to stop.

  7. will

    Bristols sky is striped with them today.. :(

  8. you’re all a bunch of twits.

    • Justin

      Neil Gonzo: I’m so very impressed with your assertion. I’m very interested in the source-material that you have to support your intelligent observation. Please provide references/video/photos. Thanks for contributing to expanding our minds; genius!

      • Neil, I agree with your assertion! I’ve seen contrails most of my life. They are more prevalent if you are near a military airfield or an airport with jets that fly over 30,000 feet. It’s a common occurrence. I would expect to see more now that I’m much older as there are many more jets & many more military fields state side! Some “theories” need to be better documented with facts from actual facilities releasing information, not propaganda against the “rich” (which I’m not). They breathe the same air we do!

  9. Matthew Julian Egan

    Could you explain a bit more about what you mean please Neil? There is rather a lot of evidence that chemical trails are being left in the atmosphere, and systematically downplayed.

  10. Kelly

    Have noticed for several months lots of pictures in North Texas.

  11. Sandra pasqualone-cooper

    Who is doing this,who are THEY?thank you

  12. there are usually more trails in the wintertime than summer because of atmospheric conditions. It is colder, and there is more moisture at flight level in the winter. Warm air rides over the cold air, warm air holds more moisture. This is why the contrails can last longer and spread out. They simply do not evaporate as fast.

  13. They have been very noticeable in the lower of mainland of Vancouver the last few days. I, for one, was not surprised when our beautiful spring weather returned to rain & grey.

  14. Ted

    “The reason these are sprayed are simply to offset the natural harmony of the body and it’s health as well as to affect brain activity.”

    Oh come on….this is a bunch of tripe- what on earth is that supposed to mean?It seems to me it’s part of a global warming initiative, it’s cloud seeding, because I always see clouds form days afterwards. Of course I think it’s terrible, and I try to point it out to others. It’s some kind of chemical compound and it’s done without our permission.

  15. jack
  16. Liam

    This is insanity…They are contrails; the condensed (and frozen) water vapour disperses and eventually re-vapourizes in the exact same fashion as a cirrus (high level) cloud. Why would airlines increase their cost to take part in such a ridiculous venture as this purported one, when they are cutting costs wherever possible to try to maintain profitability, if not bankruptcy? Do you imagine the boards (and shareholders) of these airlines (some of them publicly owned/financed) would be okay with the loss of profits involved with taking part in this?

    You ask Neil for evidence to back up his assertion that you lot are off your rockers, how about some evidence to support this crackpot theory of yours?

    • Altaira

      Insane are people who still believe that there is nothing wrong with the atmosphere and there is no bad chemicals in it. You people better wake up and start checking for yourself because the chemicals are already in our bodies. Our children will have to live with a wide specter of disease because of this. There is a very solid scientific body of evidence which can be easily googeled and obtained, there are credible scientists who already have written books and done various experiments to prove what you call conspiracy. This is not conspiracy but reality which was also debated in the EU parliament this month
      This is not the only conference but the most recent once. You better do some research before insulting people publicly because this is very serious and affect all of us. We are not insane we have inquisitive mind which questions everything. For this reason we know what is going on and you call it conspiracy theories, it seems your mind cannot comprehend it.

    • Justin, I thought Neil was against the propaganda of “chemtrails”. I absolutely agree with you! Sometimes these conspiracy theories make me quite angry! Especially angry when I see so many buying into it! It takes focus away from more important issues! Perhaps it’s supposed to take their focus away from those issues! Now there’s a theory for you! Disinformation to divert the attention of the sheep!

  17. Who thing’s up this sh*t


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