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mindgameI think this is something everyone on this planet can relate to very easily, and its something that can free us from so many limits the minute we become aware of it. See if this resonates with you; You decide you want to do something, something that maybe is not so “normal” or it costs a lot of money or maybe your parents wouldn’t like. but even though in your heart you want to do it, the mind begins to create a number of stories that all find reasons why you should not do what it is you want to do, because it tries to figure out every detail. Now all of a sudden “I can’t do this because what if I don’t make enough money in 4 months to do it?” “What if my parents get mad at me for my decisions? “What will everyone else think?” “What happens if I don’t like it after a couple months and then look stupid?” “How will it all work out?”

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From that point onward, as you go into each one of those stories, the mind generates the possible outcomes and time-lines of how it will all play out, the trouble you could get into, the distress of it all and yet – NONE of it is REAL. It is all occurring in your mind and there is no possible way you could know exactly what would play out, yet you are so struck with the fear of not knowing that you limit yourself.

This is not a rare occurrence in only a few of our lives, this is the program of humanity. This plays out virtually everyday in all of our minds, with big things and small things. It is all mind work and analyzing because we struggle soo hard to simply live in the moment, where things are clear and limitless.

How many of us are seeing that the world we live in is crumbling right before our eyes? Not in a bad way, but simply, the necessary stuff is falling apart that limits this entire experience and it is happening to provide the awareness needed for us to move beyond it and create a new experience. Many of us see it but are stuck in the same system, resisting the change that is coming because we FEAR the future and what will play out. Why? simply because we want all the answer, and can’t possibly know, so we take no action.

That being said, STOP. Stop resisting what is playing out. We can all see and all feel it, we can try to deny it but it’s there and it’s happening. This is not anything to panic over or feel negativity towards, why would removing limits on what we can experience be negative? See it for what it is. Do not have the fear of doing something about it, of standing up for what you feel is in your heart. Share with others how you feel and what you wish to see changed, act from your heart and be that change and stop letting the stories in your mind stop you. We are all just actors playing out a role in this experience, why do we take our individual lives so seriously and personally? Have fun and let’s change this planet, we are all asking for it.


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