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It’s a beautiful life,

It’s a beautiful day,

Love will wash the darkness away,

See the false story in your mind truly for what it is,

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The pain isn’t real,

Love is who we are,

Remember this to heal,

Only love is real,

Once blinded by the fears that we so dearly all hold,

Looking through my eyes,

A world dark and cold,

Victimizing thoughts blanketed my truth,

Wondering who I was,

What happened to the innocence of my youth?

A child inside,

Forever young we are,

Brothers and sisters of light,

living amongst the stars


Travelled far and wide in my journey on Earth,

Searched for an answer to the question,

What am I worth?

I struggled with fear,

Called for help from above,

There is no struggle,

Expressions of myself reminded me that I’m love

Fear doesn’t exist,

And as long as you resist,

Your suffering persists,

A look back,

A reflection,

Seemed like wasted days,

Took that as a lesson,

To show others we can change our ways


Conscious of a world where we are what we think,

We’re the foundation of structures,

The water to the ship,

Great power that we hold,

Let’s not let it sink,

I see a future of divine creation,

Freedom to live and do as we wish,

The water and air is clean and the greens are rich,

We’ve learned our lesson and have now moved on,

Love and unity,

We remember now,

I am you and you are me.




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