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_47713961_009173384-1This article here shows us many great things that are taking place within the shift of consciousness happening right now on the planet. It talks about religion in the Middle East and how it plays a part in segregation and limits society. A Facebook group was started by some young people in Lebanon who are fed up with the current system and from there grew in large numbers. A mass demonstration for secularism in Beirut took place on Sunday April 25, 2010.

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“Being Lebanese in Lebanon comes second to being a Christian or a Muslim, Shia or Sunni, Orthodox or Catholic.”

“Because there is no civic code, the law on personal status varies from one community to another. Registration of deaths, births, marriage and inheritance is all handled by religious authorities.”

“The peculiar result of this arrangement is that different Lebanese end up with different rights.”

These quotes here are an example of how much control religion has over the citizens of Lebanon and how we have become segregated and limited through indoctrinated and accepted belief systems. Why is it that some people have different rights than others? Should we not all be treated equally and fair? I’m not here to judge or point fingers, just to simply bring awareness to how these institutions influence the way we live and how much power we give to them.

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“Muslims, for example, cannot adopt children, Maronite Christians cannot get divorced and it is impossible for many people to marry someone from a different sect.”

I want you to truly think about this statement here. I understand that various religions follow different beliefs but do we ever ask why? Why is it that we buy into these beliefs and have them dictate the way we live our lives? What would change if we were to say “no” and not have these belief systems control us any longer. Would it be beneficial or non-beneficial to the future of man on this planet? Are we afraid of change?

“”This horrible system is ruining our beautiful country. I am here because I want to defend my basic human rights,” said Lama, one of the demonstrators.”

This is a great example of a young citizen of Lebanon speaking out from the heart on how they feel about the limitations of these belief systems.

“The movement began a few months ago when a group of young friends angrily discussed a decision by a Muslim cleric to ban a rock concert in Beirut.”

“”We were talking about how fed up we were with this system. Then someone suggested that we should march for secularism,” says Kinda Hassan, one of the organisers.”
“We set up a Facebook group and the very next day we had 1,000 members.”

This here shows us how people are becoming more fearless across the globe and are starting to stand up for what they believe in. These quotes show the frustration of the younger generations who see through the structures and how they are limiting society and suppressing basic human rights. How much longer can the current system go on before large amounts of people say enough is enough, we want major change?

This is more proof to solidify the fact that we are in the midst of a massive global consciousness evolution. More and more people, in countries all across the world, are starting to dissolve their fears and beginning to stand up and speak out from their hearts for change that they believe in. I think this is a great start, especially for such a strong religious sector such as the Middle East and although it may not seem like much, it will plant seeds in the minds of current societal rulers, as well as civilians, that the masses are beginning to become fed up with the extreme limitations they have set via these indoctrinating institutions. It’s great to see more people living from the heart. We are awakening and evolving day by day. A Collective Evolution.

The Following video is in Lebanese so if you speak the language great, if not it will still give you a good depiction of the demonstration that took place:

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