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Disclosure_projectThe topic of Extra Terrestrials is one that has been heavily debated for many many years and is easily one of the biggest cover ups of all time on this planet. In the times we are in where ET’s are making themselves much more known and humanity is expanding it’s consciousness rapidly, it seems only fitting that truth begins to come out as to what is really happening with ET’s.

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“The reality is that they’ve (aliens) been visiting Earth for decades and probably millennia and have contributed considerably to our knowledge,” Hellyer said.

Many don’t know or are simply unable to accept that ET’s exist, it is an even smaller number that would believe they have and continue to visit our planet and probably an even smaller number that would believe they have been here for years and are working among government. Regardless of what we may think or not think, the truth is ET’s have been frequenting our planet and working with us since pretty much the beginning of our planet. In every culture you can look at there is tons of ET evidence and it dates back to the beginning.

With the changes taking place in humanities consciousness, its opening the floodgates for all of this information to finally hit the mainstream as we are becoming more and more ready to hear it. Recently it has been heavily in mainstream media that ET’s have been here and working with governments for many years and its brought about some interesting fear tactics to confuse us a little bit.

“Hawking speculates in a new documentary that most extraterrestrial life will be similar to microbes, or small animals — but he adds that advanced life forms may be “nomads, looking to conquer and colonize” new planets.”

While evidence proves we KNOW ET’s are more than just microbes and small animals, Hawking still suggests that ET’s would be nomads looking to take over and conquer. While he may be touching on truth quite a bit, he is simply generalizing that all ET’s are nomads and this is evidently not true.

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Yes, the ET’s that are here right now carrying out their agenda are here to play out the role of controlling humanity. However, many of the ET’s that have been visiting and who are playing a small role in assisting are not “nomads.” They are universal neighbors who are here to offer assistance, without interference, to our planet on the verge of destruction simply because the state of our planet has much to do with the cluster of planets in our universe. Similar to how a country destroying its entire ecosystem would help destroy the ecosystem of the planet, as we abuse our planet vibrationally it effects the neighboring planets.

It is not a secret or argument by any means that ET’s exist. The evidence and disclosure is 100% there and its simply not a question. Even Catholicism has conveniently covered their beliefs by stating that God’s creation limits are endless and if Aliens exist they were created by God. Obviously they know mass disclosure is coming or they wouldn’t have bothered to point that out recently.

As opposed to dismissing possibilities as we commonly do, let’s actually ask ourselves what is going on here and go into ourselves to find the answers. We already know the truth inside, it is simply clouded by our judgments and perceptions that have been created externally. In any case the truth is coming out more and more as we continue to shift our consciousness. The deceptions will not be held up much longer.

The important thing we must observe here is where our perceptions surrounding ET’s would be coming from. Is this something we have just been told? Have we blindly just agreed to the story we were told? Observation serves in getting us out of the the boxes we are in and seeing things for what they are. The truth lies in plain sight, its only our veils and perception that color the information. Very exciting times we are in.


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