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dataWanted to take the time to write this article to remind ourselves that everything is going well in the world, there is nothing going on, just typical daily stuff. The economy is fully recovering and everything is just hunky dory.

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Today the Dow fell almost 1000pts until recovering to only take a loss of 347.8pts or 3.2%. This shows complete and utter stability in the financial markets and clearly we can see that we are booming economically and about to have a huge expansion in the job market.

The situation in Greece is like a field of lovely flowers, nothing at all happening, the people protesting are just pretending and none of it is real. It’s all for fun. They are not the least bit upset with the silly decisions their government is making and they do not want change at all. The other countries falling apart in Europe who are struggling to keep afloat financially are all just pretending, the same goes for the media and world’s entertainment. In fact here is the movie they produced at the end of it all.

Okay enough of the “ha ha.” We are simply seeing further expansion when it comes to growing awareness and having more and more of the collective let go and detach from the limiting structures around us. All is actually perfect in having this happen as it allows us to see it, detach from it and move beyond it while knowing we simply do not need to live under these structures any longer. Everything on this planet is happening and taking place as agreed by us all collectively. Whether we are conscious of it or not we are all asking for this shift to take place and for things to continue to open up for us to see. Flow with it and stayed detached from what plays out, it’s all just a game in the end. Like actors in a movie.


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