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A wish and a dream,

oh how far it seems,

but nothing can take them away,

I strive to chase,

many mistakes,

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misfortunes and fears I’ve faced,

a world I see,

with potential to be,

on a path of destruction,

how reluctant,

with blinded hearts,

how far do we reach?

A will to change,

a heart to love,

the existence of man,

what’s the purpose of?

In our homes we suffer,

rich man poor man,

people left in the gutter.

Lost sight of why we’re here,

driving our lives,

using ego to steer.

War, greed, lies and segregation,

the younger voices rising,

let’s unite as one nation.

Remember who we are,

remember it’s love,

remember we’re all connected

and the fear we’ll rise above,

with the darkness gone,

it’s One Love.



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