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If it wasn’t blatantly obvious already, if you pay even a slight bit of attention to what goes on with our economy you can tell pretty quickly that there seems to be a man behind the curtain swaying and pushing things in whatever direction his agenda serves.

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Look at this snapshot and the 2 headlines that were captured off of Bloomberg’s website this morning.

fake economy

Within the same day, right next to each other we see that jobloss claims are continuing to go up and show no signs of slowing, yet the economy is booming due to a positive growth outlook moving forward.

Essentially, “Even though companies continually fire the people on a daily basis leaving them with no jobs and more debt, we (the power) seem to be making a lot of money and therefore things look great.”

What’s happening here is quite clear. The economy is falling apart and those in power who do not wish to see it go, because it would create a loss in control, have created a shell to deploy an illusion that the economy will turn itself back to a vibrant state where everything will be “positive” again.

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The reality of our current situation on the planet right now is simple, the planet is experiencing a shift in consciousness. The souls of this planet are beginning to see quite clearly that they no longer want to play with the limiting structures we currently reside within at this time and the collective souls are creating the right energy to move things forward as needed. However, the Illuminati is extremely aware of the energies coming in and what is being created by the collective and they are doing what they can to offset and create their own direction to keep things going for as long as they can. The souls playing the role of the Illuminati are simply hardwired to carry out these agendas regardless of what the soul wants at this time.

I do not want to create the illusion that this is a battle or that there are victims, but the Illuminati is propping a lot of energy under the economy to create the perception within the evolving people that they still need this structure to operate in this way. As the people panic less and less and they shift out of a fear state in terms of moving on from the current structure, there is much less holding up what is playing out and it can continue to collapse and shift as it inevitably will.


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