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get_out_of_the_boxAs you  (the soul) come into the experience,  you agree to take on many forms of conditioning and “boxes” in order to fully experience what it is you came to experience in this lifetime. Aside from all other boxes (family structure, religion, planetary 3D structures etc.) we take on a collective box.

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The collective box is essentially a set of rules and limits all souls experiencing on this planet agreed to play with during any given moment on the planet. While they can be limiting and somewhat frustrating at times, they are all agreed upon and created in a perfect manner by all souls. An example of something inside the collective box would be things like having to eat certain foods to maintain a certain level or health or what we perceive collectively as something that would be “normal” for any given person in any given scenario.

At this time you may be beginning to feel the boxes currently surrounding you (the soul) feel tight and even more limiting than before. As you feel your essence continue to expand and open up to a more expansive experience, you are met with confusion and challenges that come from feeling the need to step out of the collective box that is put in place. This may present itself in many forms for us to observe and go beyond but without being aware of what is taking place we struggle through the experience.

We are here at this time to move forward. We are not here, like before, to simply go out and experience many different facets of the planet simply to gain the experience at the soul level. In this moment we are here to dissolve the current software and programs we are playing with and create an entirely different energy and new software that is much less limiting and more expansive. The reason this is taking place is simply, our souls have recorded archives and archives of information in the old program and we have all collectively agreed to move forward, beyond what we are playing with now.

As you begin to feel this push, this awareness in the back of your mind that tells you “I feel contained, I feel stuck inside some box that has been slated out for us collectively and it no longer feels comfortable.” Know that it is the soul providing you with the awareness and tools to consciously become aware of the fact that it is time to move forward and detach from the boxes we have put in place. This may come with some interesting and challenging experiences but it is all necessary and perfect at the soul level and this is why we have chosen to be here at this time.

In detaching from the collective box also realize,  many are operating on this planet at a frequency conducive to the collective matrix we have in place. This frequency is something you are beginning to go beyond as you vibrate higher by clearing away old programs and beliefs. Naturally, the ego mind will strive to move back and experience the older lower vibrating energies as that is what is most comfortable for it. Knowing that this is simply a reaction from the mind and ego, a feeling that is desired by them both to return to the lower vibration, simply remind the ego and mind that it no longer needs to go there. Make a conscious statement to say “I no longer choose to play at those frequencies and am choosing to no longer be bound by the limits the collective has put in place.”

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This may come easy to some and more difficult to others, much of it depends on the level the soul is at when faced with the situation and the rest depends on how hard we try to resist as the ego and mind fight with the soul to stay within the frequency most comfortable at that level.  In either case, all is perfection in the big picture as he necessary experiences will take place induced by the soul to allow the conscious mind of any individual to become aware and dissolve what is need at whatever moment is perfect.

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