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scr-matrix-code-emulator-screensaverJust to be clear as it has been brought up that sometimes this isn’t totally understood by all. When someone refers to “dissolving programs” they are essentially referring to dissolving the reaction based responses we have bought into coming into this experience – basically the mind and ego responses that tell us things are a certain way and use fear to keep us in that state.

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To better understand this, when we come into the human experience as the soul experiencing, we take on an ego and set of programs all part of the collective ego or collective matrix. This is what essentially makes up the software the human experience runs off of. What makes the difference between one human to the next is how much they can see beyond the ego based programs as each of us are experiencing different levels of awareness. The soul is here to go beyond and dissolve these programs because we are in a time where we are all choosing, at the soul level, to create a new experience based on us acting out of our essence as opposed to through the ego program.

An example of a program we may experience:
We may be sitting at home, thinking, “I’m not sure how I am going to pay rent 3 month’s from now.” This is the mind and ego pulling you away from the moment and into the future trying to analyze and figure out how you will get the money to pay for rent in the future. In reality, when you really need the resources they will show up. Humanity works off of delving off into the past and using that to create fear based reactions for the future and also looking forward into the future to worry and analyze what to do RIGHT NOW.

Dissolving the program is to essentially become aware that it is playing out. See that it is not a “natural” part of the human experience and that it does not need to be there. Become aware that it is not YOU but simply the ego. Then realize you are becoming aware of it to go beyond it and not have it effect you so as to allow more of the soul to come through and experience as opposed to the robotic ego and mental self which we have been experiencing for so long.

Why is dissolving the programs important? Simple, either way, all who are here and ready to move forward will need to at some point in the near future as soon enough,  the energies on the planet will no longer be able to support what is being supported right now at the ego and mind level. As each and every one of us individually dissolve our own programs we collectively assist in changing the energy of the planet. This shift we are experiencing isn’t going to take place in any other way but by us individually clearing our own decks. Sitting back and waiting for it to happen or getting locked up in the program is not only delaying your own growth but the collective growth. That is simply a blunt way of putting it, it’s not to make anyone feel they are forced to or must (ego) but simply to slate the truth as the soul needs to hear it.

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