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workboredcYou are sitting at home in your bedroom or basement. You might be with a friend or two, but more than likely you are sitting by yourself with both your computer and cell phone within arms reach. You aren’t expecting a call, nor have you done anything exciting that might elicit someone to send you something on facebook, but you have them nearby nonetheless. In this moment you are most likely to classify yourself as supremely bored.

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So what is boredom? What did it stem from? And what can you do to overcome it?

Boredom itself is a perceived state -a mind program that you decide to run when you choose to live outside of any moment. What do I mean by that? I mean that when you feel bored, you are choosing to live in comparison to either a past or upcoming event/ moment. You feel as if right now either pales in comparison to something sensually appealing in the past, or something that your expectations have set up to come in the near future.

Think about it. We all remember that one incredible night where everything fell into place, and you felt like the king/ queen of the world. We also all love to imagine that miraculous upcoming moment where we will either be basking on a beach, or will be in the best shape of our lives. It is from these past experiences and future expectations that boredom stems from.

So what can you do to help overcome it? It’s simple: live in this moment. Realize that you have created and are in full control of what you are now experiencing. Both the past and the future are insignificant if you cannot take ownership for and love right NOW.

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