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34559_139657216047445_116687938344373_409781_7449786_nWhat does it mean to be centered, in balance? How is it possible to remain in a harmonious state of mind and spirit even when surrounded by situations of duality and chaos?

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In the core of each and every one of us lies the potential to see things exactly as they are, in a clear perspective that will literally dissolve all fears, indoctrinated beliefs, doubts, negative thoughts and questions that bring confusion and blockages into our lives. Self-empowering sayings like “The Answer is Within You” are often perceived as obscure wisdom, dangerous wisdom by religious institutions 😉 and isn’t yet fully grasped by Humanity. Even those of us who claim to live by this simple and natural principle can be tricked back into believing that well-being and knowledge are separate from us and is something to strive for, to be obtained by something or someone else instead being accountable for ourselves and having trust in our own intuition.

The ones we are collectively enabling to remain in power and in control over our experienced reality are directing our lives by running a system that is feeding off of the fear and programming of our minds which is deceiving us into believing that answers to our problems are bought with money, requires us to follow a precise protocol, can be trusted in the hands of government… We are basically being taught through mass media, education, religion and false teachings that solutions are “Out There” for us to consume, work towards and rely on instead of unveiling the truth of how unlimited knowledge and potential are found nowhere else but Within. One should not fear of stepping outside the box and not conforming to the demands of this hierarchical type society, as doing so can only bring us closer to the true nature of who we really are, which is of pure Loving Consciousness. The more you break free of self-enabled mind prisons, the more consciousness flushes through you, and the more centered and in balance you become no matter what situation you may face. Having trust in what comes naturally will always lead you exactly where you need to be.

The power to Create lies inside all of us. Just imagine how our reality will transform in a heart-beat when the majority of us Gets It.

“Not being in touch with your Center leads you to experiences and situations that you will perceive as a duality of absolutes, therefore go through them with fear, anger, adversity or the constant struggle of “striving to be”. Living life while being in touch with your Center means accepting all experiences as equal, understanding the totality of any situation and it’s lesson, unifying the opposites and thus find Peace within. Evolving is the transcendence of duality back to it’s source of Oneness.”

If your are still striving to be, then you have simply not yet remembered who you already are.

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