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instructionsWhether you are baking a cake or building a business, we have all become more than accustomed to having things broken down into steps. We become so reliant upon these steps that anyone who deviates away from them we automatically become critical of and often classify as ‘wrong’.

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So where did this need for steps come from? A large part of it initiated itself from a dependence upon external sources for answers and information. We have developed an instinctive reaction to always look externally whenever we are perplexed by even the simplest form of uncertainty. Now as serving and wonderful as external sources can be, a dependence upon them will re-enforce the programming that you are not capable. We are all complete individuals fully capable of harnessing the ability to do and create everything imaginable. The primary thing holding us back is that we feel it is either not possible, or we need step-by-step instructions on how to do it properly.

I invite you to remember that steps to accomplishing something were simply derived from the experience of another. They did 1, 2, 3 & 4 to get from A to B. Rather then simply re-creating what they have already done, why not try your own method. Quiet your mind and do what presents. And in doing so, try and remove the attachment of getting from A to B. Because who knows, ‘mistakenly’ coming across C might just be equally as wonderful.

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