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your heartFollowing your heart. Your heart is the best guiding system you have, if you truly pay attention it can lead you into wonderful experiences.  What does this mean? Having a feeling, and going for it! Following your intuition.  Not getting wrapped up in the stories that the mind/ego will create.  Your mind will always create these stories to challenge your soul to go beyond them.

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For example, you are unhappy with a job, and it’s like a ‘gut feeling’ and intuitively you know it no longer serves you to be working at this job any longer, but your mind will begin to step in and say “Hey! You need this job, you need to pay the bills somehow, you won’t be able to get a better job, what would your co-workers, friends and family think if you were to quit?” In this case you may ignore what your heart is telling you and continue working at your job that you aren’t happy with because of fear based programs.  But, this ‘gut feeling’ will keep presenting with more intensity until you consciously can understand that it needs to be addressed. When you decide to actually follow your heart you will begin to feel a sense of freedom and absolute control of your life.

Another program that might play out when you decide to start following your heart is a sense of selfishness.  When you really decide to start doing what your heart is telling you, you really begin to start doing things for you, regardless of what others may think. Sometimes this is difficult because we have bought into the idea that we need to put others before us. You are putting yourself first, which can be hard for others to grasp.  Why would you put yourself into a situation that you didn’t want to be in? Just to please others?

Okay, so where do you come in? Shouldn’t you be concerned with pleasing your own growth? We always feel the need to make others happy and put them before ourselves, because if we did step up and say ‘No, I’m doing this for me’ we would be worried that they would think we were selfish, which is a program that plays out in their part anyway.  But, that is their own program that they need to clear, their ‘happiness’ doesn’t depend on you. As you begin to step up and start doing things for yourself, it will help others to see the programs within themselves, as your light shines on them creating a curiosity they cannot ignore.

When you truly begin to follow your heart, it is like a new world opens up for you, and you feel completely comfortable with whatever you are doing, the feeling of living a lie is completely abolished because you are living in absolute truth. This absolute truth is guided by your higher self. You can be at peace knowing that whatever you were doing, is exactly what you feel most at peace with.

Peace and love,

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