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clockDo you feel as though you are constantly running out of time; you just can’t seem to get around to doing everything you set out to accomplish?  Months seem like weeks, weeks feel like days, and days go by in the blink of an eye.

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More and more people are starting to feel a sense of constantly being in a time crunch, asking: “Where does the time go?”  And yet, regardless of this feeling of a lack of time, we go on filling our lives with tasks.  Tasks that only continue to feed our frustration, anxiety, panic, anger and fear over our inability to do everything on our never-ending checklists.

Perhaps our time will be best spent if we stem away from this so-called need to busy ourselves to the point where we can no longer hear and feel what our soul is trying to show us.  In continuing this cycle of filling our days with tasks, we miss the chance to fill our lives with insight and growth.  Our intuitions remain blurred, our eyes feel as though they are closed, and the mind begins to control our emotions.   What purpose does this really serve?

Our lives are not measured based on how much we got done on our checklists.  We are here to grow and learn on a deeper, soul level.  And as a result, every experience that comes our way, whether it was on the “TO DO” list or not, is another beautiful opportunity to grow.  By removing some of the unnecessary tasks, we open ourselves to experience these opportunities to the fullest, and free ourselves from the restrain we call Time.

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