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35301_141423915870775_116687938344373_419651_3297908_aThe true meaning of balance has been misinterpreted countless times and in many different ways. Society “teaches” us about balance between career and relationships, friends and family, love and sex… basically all that you would read about in those little psychology tests in most mainstream magazines. *ugh*

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If you are reading this article, you have probably come to an understanding of how education through schooling, mass media, religion, entertainment and politics are doing nothing but distracting humanity to keep us from seeing ourselves as a part of Nature and to understand our connectedness with one another. In other words, our money-driven system is misleading humanity into an enslaving and perpetual quest for material instead of spiritual growth, is tearing us apart instead of bringing us together.

This realization usually leads one onto his own enlightenment path, and I have found through mine that many spiritual teachings have this tendency to twist the true meaning of balance into a battle against human desires, the ego and the mind, as if a ”death” of the human-self is required to gain inner wisdom and to be centered.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

– Einstein

If you are seeking balance by fighting against your ego, thoughts and emotions, you are trying to dissolve a program with the same level of consciousness that created it – the Mind. Finding your own center, being at peace with yourself, your environment and situations you are facing is not about avoiding life experiences that may challenge you, or try to analyze and think them through before experiencing them fully. Being on earth is all about allowing yourself to feel what it is to be human, but to be able to transcend the mind and ego by remembering that all knowledge and wisdom needed for whatever you may face will always lie within. Transcending duality cannot be achieved by the mind fighting against itself to reach the Heart consciousness, as peace cannot be created by war. Smiling at ego, shaking hands with the mind, embracing the human experience while being aware of the higher aspect of what is taking place is what being centered means, and is what will take you right above any kind of duality. Takes the pressure down a notch doesn’t it?

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“Have trust in what comes Naturally as it cannot be labeled, and what cannot be labeled is a part of the Flow… and a part of the Flow is Who and What you are.”

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