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 Happiness is the “prize” you get when you finally obtain all that you need. It is the ultimate motive that drives people to go to work, make money, buy pretty things, get a new car, a bigger house… Happiness is pleasure and entertainment, happiness is bliss, happiness is being loved. It is the sensation you get when your desires and needs are finally fulfilled.

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That right there is the greatest mass deception humanity is undergoing. It is a misconception, an illusion that has been implanted into our heads by an enslaving quick-fix society. The “quest” for happiness can only lead one on a never-ending roller coaster ride of endless needs and temporary satisfactions, of highs and lows.

What is the meaning of happiness then?

Well-being obtained by external things usually leads one to attachment, and what you become attached to, you THINK you need. Truth is, you don’t. The sensation of frustration, loss and pain is an illusion experienced when you loose or lack of something you believe you needed. It is okay to let ourselves experience these feelings if they come up, but we should understand and remember that there is no such thing as loss or needs, because what you “need”, you already have within. Needs actually come from a misunderstanding of who we truly are and most of all, the ego’s fear of facing the Self. It is a shame, because knowing thyself and reflecting the beauty that lies within is all that’s needed to find Peace. Aligning the perfection of your authentic self with your state of mind, heart and actions is the true meaning of Happiness. It is in this natural state of peace, of “Isness”, that you can reach full potential of the Creator that you truly are. When you become centered, at peace, with this higher state of self-awareness, life’s pleasures and joys can be experienced for what they truly have to offer, because when you are connected to the source of who you are, you don’t “need” any form of external attachment. 😉

“Stop searching, seeking, striving, wanting, needing, You are already perfect.”

Know yourself, Be yourself, Be Change.

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