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The fear of how others will feel, think and react if we were to harmonize our words and actions with our heart. The fear of hurting someone, of being judged if we were to be exactly as we are within. The fear of creating chaos for those around us and for ourselves if we were to release and let go of all we are holding on to, all that is holding us back from being authentic to who we truly are. What if this cautiousness is nothing but the ego’s fear of facing the Self?

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We all know deep inside that any kind of fear is an illusion, a blinder that keeps us from seeing things and situations for the perfection that they truly are. So what if being truthful to yourself and others could never really hurt anyone or cause harm even when it appears that way? What if “coming clean” with yourself and those around you, no matter how much judgement and challenges you may get from doing so, is actually the greatest service you could possibly offer to yourself and everybody else? Even if it means breaking a relationship, leaving your job, disappointing loved ones or receiving hate and judgement, letting go of any kind of structures that are holding you back from evolving beyond your ego’s fears and needs is also the best way of assisting the growth of those around you. Every negative emotional reactions and judgement you may trigger in some individuals while being true to yourself are actually coming from their own ego/false sense of self that is being challenged and threatened. No matter how people may react, these emotional challenges are exactly what their souls are asking for, and if their reactions are challenging to you, then it is exactly what your soul is asking for. Challenges should be perceived as opportunities for us to dissolve our own mind/ego programs and fears that shouldn’t have control over our lives anymore. Think of it as a way out for you to move closer to your spirit, and to assist others in doing the same. As challenging as following your heart may seem in this dense and restrictive society that is designed to bring down anyone who isn’t conforming to the norm, you can never regret letting go of all that is keeping you from being yourself once you have done it, because what lies under all of these protective barriers the ego is holding on to, is the natural state of peace that you deserve to be in.

Healing yourself heals the world, so why not start within?

“Life is at it’s best when things remain unlabeled, uncategorized. When you are not holding onto limiting structures because of the fear of loss and pain, when you don’t try to put a name on your truth, your beliefs, even your relationships, all that is left to do is to go with the flow. Truth comes from within, and what comes from within is authentic and can never be labeled. Try yourself, it’s not that scary. Try being a reflection of yourself, instead of being a reflection of what society wants you to be.”

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