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On this planet we have bought into and played with many stories that are created at the mind level. Some may be individual stories and others collective. Some stories we play with are petty and small and others are a lot “bigger” and more deeply ingrained. It may be something like thinking we need to look a certain way or something more along the lines or believing in a religion. It doesn’t matter how big or small the story is in the mind, it’s simply a story. It is a box and a construct that we have agreed to play amongst within this experience as a soul. It has been expansive, beautiful and fully serving to us up to this point. But now as the soul is trying to expand, it begins to hit the confines of these boxes. As it does this, the story fights back.

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We must understand at this time that we are no longer in an experiential realm. What does this mean? We are not here agreeing as souls to simply experience amongst each other. We are here to dissolve the old program and move forward onto a more expansive experience. The only way to do this is for each of us to individually become aware and look at what we are currently being limited by. In time we will all be faced with this reality and all at our own pace we will move beyond each limitation in order to create the expanded experience we each lovingly ask for.

As you find yourself trapped or limited by something or some idea we make real in our minds, its helpful enough even to just simply see that it is just that, something we have made real or serious within the mind but truly is not something that MUST be. From there we can begin to step outside more and more stories we have found ourselves limiting ourselves to.

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