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July numbers have been assessed in both Canada and The United States that reveal unemployment has risen in both countries. The US lost another 131,000 jobs putting the unemployment rate at 9.5% while Canada lost 139,000 full time jobs last month.

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I find this to be a good opportunity to point out how little what we see happening in the economy actually effects how much money we can make as individual households. On top of that, we can point out the fact that even though we continue to hear “the economy is making a recovery” it clearly is nothing but a house of cards being propped up through keeping market numbers somewhat high to create the illusion that things are on the way to returning to normal.

I’m not here to write all the details behind why all of this is happening as I don’t feel it serves at this point and it has been extensively covered on this site in the past. I am writing this simply to get readers to stop and think for one moment. Simply to create an awareness that will allow us to see that what we see and hear from “professionals” in the field or from our news 1) makes absolutely no sense 2) is there to create an illusion that we are having an economic recovery so we continue to draw attention away from the fact that things are shifting and we should not be looking at things from a different perspective is a bad idea.

The more we continue to become aware of things like this and remove the fear based idea that it must be this way, the easier time we will have as this structure shifts and creates itself in an entirely new way in the very near future. Look around and become aware of this for a moment. Admitting it or not, we all are clearly not at peace with the economic structure we play with on the planet. We complain about it, hate our jobs, complain about not having enough money, are constantly chasing riches and there’s a huge amount of suffering on the planet because of it. We all feel it’s a “crap” structure and openly say it. So the question is, why are we defending this crap? Why do we see it as crap and still we give our ego soo much power in defending it and needing it to be there simply because we are scared of an alternative?

Just something to reflect on.


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