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Stocks and futures both took a hit today which sent the two-year yield to a record low. This all came as a result of the Federal Reserve stating the economic recovery is decelerating. But is it decelerating? Or are they just having a tougher time propping up the house of cards that is the economy?

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It’s becoming more and more difficult for economists (who seem to know very little to begin with) to predict and be able to see what is transpiring with the economy these days. It’s not all that difficult to understand that since they often don’t realize what they are analyzing is nothing more than a game controlled by two factors: the manipulation of the powers that be and the collective’s need for the structure to continue in this way.

As always, this is written to invite others to begin to see how none of what we are seeing happen right now with the economy makes any sense. Step back for a minute and look at what has transpired over the past year and a half. Drop your conditioned perceptions and defense guards and truly look at it for what it is. It’s pretend, it’s enslavement, it’s the one thing they can continue to prop up to create the illusion that nothing is taking place on this planet. I invite you to WAKE UP humanity.


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