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The people that make “The of Story” videos have a relatively new one out that reveals a great deal of information about cosmetics.

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So happens, the majority of the cosmetics we buy and use everyday are loaded with carcinogens, neurotoxins and reproductive toxins which are all linked to relatively serious health related problems. Is it any wonder we are sick and diseased all the time when we are using toothpastes with fluoride in them, deodorant with aluminum in them and makeup with lead and carcinogens in them?

The challenge I would like to bring up is, the majority of the cosmetics we do use, how many of them are necessary? A natural toothpaste, a natural deodorant, and some natural shampoo and soap is pretty much all we require. Why do we put our trust in chemical filled shaving creams and lotions? Sunscreens? Make-up? Colognes? Hair Products? If we weren’t so enslaved by the fear of how we look and what others think of us, would we poison our bodies daily? Think about it.


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