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The very popular rock band Muse are taking their own steps to inform the planet by urging their millions of fans and listeners to take the “red pill.” For those who aren’t familiar with what the red pill is, it refers to The Matrix where Neo takes the Red Pill and wakes up from the illusion he was living to learn the truth of our reality.

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Muse’s newest album resistance should make it obvious enough as to what they are trying to tell the world. With titles like “Uprising” “Resistance ” “Undisclosed Desires” “Guiding Light” and “MK Ultra” its quite clear they are trying to spread a message in an attempt to reveal the control mechanism that exists on our planet.

Recently Muse has added links on their website to Alex Jones’ Prison Planet and Infowars website showing support for his message and the work he does.  While Alex’s approach may not resonate with everyone, the information is still there and can offer a great initial step into understanding the control mechanism in place.

Just another clear sign that we are in some very interesting times on the planet and people everywhere from all areas are stepping up and sharing what they may have been afraid to share in the past.

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