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Have you been noticing during these times that you may be feeling an increase in “ups and downs” with how you feel? Are you feeling more and more confused about certain things or feeling like nothing is flowing for you or interesting anymore? Are you feeling edgy or getting mad easily? Are you feeling light and perfect one moment and uncomfortable and irritable the next?

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This is a common theme among many on the planet I’m noticing, including myself. I see myself and others having momentary lapses of chaos that end quickly only to turn to peaceful states hours later then again replaced by more downs the next day. The waves of feelings are coming in as energies geared towards activating or bringing up certain things inside each of us that are ready to be dissolved or addressed. These are all perfect! As much as it may seem like a horrible ride at times it’s all part of the process and beautiful in its own way!

Each of these swings into a downward emotional state is an opportunity for us to reflect on why we may be feeling this way –going into these feelings and asking our higher selves to present and offer clarity as to what is playing out. Whether its expectations, detachment, looking externally for happiness, or doubt about ourselves, it can come up and present itself in many ways so we can address it. One thing I can say when we get into these states, don’t take it so seriously as if it’s a big problem. See the bigger picture, the game aspect, the opportunity it presents for us to feel –it all serves.

Don’t dread the feeling or feel “why me?” “When will this end!?” Take the feeling for what it is; an experience and a perfect time to go inside and get to know YOU. Get to know who YOU are, beyond this ego, this physicality and this life we identify so much with. We are much more than what we currently think we are. The process taking place right now, bringing up all these emotions and states is all geared towards us remembering who we truly are and dissolving the aspects that we don’t need to hold onto any longer. No matter how intense it may feel, no matter how much we may want to label it, judge it and define it, it is no more than just the process unfolding right now.

In a sense, we are being pushed to the max. Having the deepest sides of ourselves challenged in order to push us along our own path of enlightenment at the soul level. Don’t worry! We all have everything needed to get through these ups and downs, take a moment, close your eyes, feel yourself and the peace that you are at your natural state. From that point you are much clearer and able to identify what’s playing out and form there you can begin to let things go!

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