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As souls here on the planet, we experience different events and relationships to grow towards enlightenment. To achieve that, we have carefully chosen many aspects of our reality in order to have the experiences we need for the growth we require.

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Step back for a moment, you are off planet, saying “OK, I need to have certain experiences in this next lifetime that will result in certain outcomes and these will all be perfect for me as I haven’t yet experienced this or need to learn form it still. So lets create a physicality that’s perfect for it, let me be in the family I need to be in, the country I need to be in, have certain souls in my life, speak the language i speak etc etc.” All of these details are chosen by you at a clear state before coming onto the planet.

Now, every experience that takes place in your life, on this planet, is exactly what you need at each moment to grow and move towards evolving your soul. The higher aspect of you (your soul, which is YOU) is creating these experiences with agreements from the souls around you as well. This goes for whatever you may be experiencing! It’s all perfect for your growth!

Now comes the difficult part for many to swallow for one reason, JUDGMENT. Again lets step back. View any experience in your mind that you feel is “bad” or “negative” and ask yourself “Why do I feel this way towards this experience?” The answer each time will begin with certain emotions and past experiences or what you have heard from others about the certain experience etc. Once we realize those are all beliefs and perceptions and we begin to look a littler further beyond, we come to realize, every time we are viewing an experience we are trying to categorize it. This, in essence, is simply a judgment towards the experience -a perception. As we categorize it we begin to attach a great deal of stigmas and emotions to it. All of a sudden we are not seeing each experience as perfect for our growth like the soul does. Instead we are simply getting caught up in the judgment and categorizing of it because its easier for our ego to identify with the pain or glory associated with any experience than it is to just be neutral about it.

Understand that in each of these experiences it is not YOU that is judging and having these feelings towards it, it’s simply the ego and the programs within the mind where all the judgment and perceptions lie. The soul is clear, neutral and open to what comes of each experience for the growth aspect. It does not care to classify or categorize any experience as good or bad, that is simply part of the game the mind plays.

It is much more serving at this time to dissolve the idea that we must judge and categorize our experiences. Simply by being aware of how we do this in the first place is a great step in not allowing the ego to grab a hold of creating so many perceptions towards our experiences. From these we can take much more from what we do on this planet and drop playing with all of the suffering associated with each event. Again this does not mean we should go from feeling negative about experience to feeling really positive about them, we are simply seeing it for what it is and being neutral about it. You are not adding anything to it, just allowing it to be! Remember, it is all perfect, all loving and exactly what we need at each moment. Every soul involved is participating out of pure appreciation and love for the growth involved! As we step out of identifying with the game so much, we can see this truth very simply.

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