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This post and video is intended to expand the idea that what we are told, whether it be about 9/11 or even more basic things about our existence, may not always be what it seems. Given that fact, we should not rely so much on listening to what an authority figure tells us, but instead, see for ourselves, allow ourselves to find out what resonates with us as truthful information.

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If we are able to let go of the reliance and pedestal we put certain authority figures like the media, education and religion on, we are able to remove the blinders these create which opens up our eyes to reveal the truth behind what most of these structures are promoting.

Check out the video below. It makes a very good point, in visual terms, of exactly what this article is about.

9 years later and some of us still think “the orange is an apple” because that is what they were told.

Much Love

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