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To add a little more to what was discussed in the previous article. The idea had been created that by not feeling fear, anger, or judgment towards the control mechanism it may mean we should do nothing in regards to sharing and pointing out the truth behind the control mechanism. Sharing information as to how the world truly works and the manipulation that goes on is very necessary for the shift we are experiencing.

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We are going to have to lift the veils for all to see that the world pulled over our eyes isn’t exactly what we think it is and one of the best ways to do that is to pass on that truth to others through exposing it and sharing.

The main message I wanted to get across in the last article was simply that us maintaining anger and resentment over what the control mechanism does is not conducive, vibrationally, for creating a new world where the control doesn’t exist.

It is still important for souls to share the truth about what is taking place with the control mechanism. Simply, when we share that truth or point it out, we should not come from a point of anger, judgment or revenge when we share and move forward with how we can dissolve it.

The most powerful thing we can do is share this stuff without any emotion backing it that will create more of a lower density within the collective. People can then observe it and be at peace with it but begin to not buy into it because they now have a higher awareness that sees through the manipulation. As they see through it and don’t reinforce it with any other emotions, they begin to take power back and the control mechanism becomes more and more unstable. Simply because we are at peace with it and not angry about it does not mean we are passive and not doing anything about it.

It truly is all about seeing things for what they are but not adding anything to it at the human level. Meaning adding no judgment, no fear no anger etc. One is still able to see it all, and share it all, but from a place where they are assisting to dissolve the old programs vs. continuing to play within them.

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