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From my experience in doing what I have been doing over the past year and a half with Collective Evolution, as well as with the souls that have come into my life at various points, one thing I can say for certain is; there is an ever expanding amount of souls that are starting to feel A LOT coming to the surface.

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Most of those that I hear from, talk with one on one or who share what they are going through,  are all feeling similar things. What they are doing currently, what they see when they look out into the world, is simply not “enough” anymore. The soul is pushing for more, pushing to understand themselves deeper as each soul is truly asking for each of us to awaken further.

For some it presents in seeing that what they are doing in school isn’t right for them, the school structure itself isn’t making much sense to them. For others its seeing that their jobs aren’t what they love and they only are doing it because they feel they need to or because they fear not having the money. Again, this isn’t what the soul is wanting to experience any longer. Of course, for some its feeling that the relationships they feel “trapped” in are not feeling good anymore and they are beginning to want out but are not sure how. In any case, each soul is feeling their own unique push and its important for us to seek out what we are striving to find out about ourselves.

The souls desire at this time is to awaken. This means we are looking to see beyond the limitations of our current reality, let go of them by releasing the belief and need that they must be a certain way and move forward in trust creating from our true heart desires vs. what our minds are trying to convince us is the “right” path for us.

When you take a look at our current state, with true honesty, one can see that we have become robots. This experience is what we have been living for quite some time and it has shaped our reality up until this point but as was stated earlier, this is not our true desire. We have experienced the game of living entirely based out of the software program with no consciousness coming in to allow us to truly what is playing out in our lives. Now it’s time we begin to shake those foundations and allow that consciousness to come in. Allow it to paint us the picture of what is truly playing out in each moment of our lives so we can truly grow and gain enlightenment form it.

This is what we are all asking for at this time whether we can see it in this moment or not. Take a moment and ask yourself: “Am I TRULY feeling peace in the current state of my life and is the planet feeling peace?” “Is there more to me than what I currently see? a grander aspect of myself wishing to come through at this time?”

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Play with it.

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