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It is not about dissolving the multifacets of our world, human passions, unique flavors and blissful impulses of our Heart, for these do not stem from ego, but of our utmost natural and creative potential as spiritual beings having a human experience. It is about dissolving all of illusionary ground rules that compromise their Freedom. What the ego does, whether in a very subtle or forward manner, is bring fear, shame, judgment, rationalization and therefore control over these very things that uplift our Soul and make our Heart sing. It is the ego’s attempt to have the last word.

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There is no Pure Truth that feels voided and cold, just as there is no Pure Truth that is temperamental and dualistic.

Listen to your Heart, be discernative of partial Truths. For to truly sense them is never about intellectually “patrolling” their content based on what the mind has downloaded. But about fully reconnecting with our soul who see’s past words, who only senses their vibrational undertone through the Heartspace. Deception is the lure that instills fear and therefore attachment to comfort zones. What feels calm, warm and unconditionally loving is what gives birth to unconditionally blissful Freedom. Truth comes from the Heart, and what purely emanates from the Heart is never another restrictive ground rule or cold theology, nor is it a judgment and attachment to polarity.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. The only real valuable thing is intuition.” -Einstein

One of the easily felt indication of ego is when we are restless and vascillating in our Heart, when our freedom is attached and therefore reliant on external approval and stability. The ego’s awareness is only limited to it’s own ground rule and points fingers at what it doesn’t like. It only creates separation rather than unity, for it doesn’t see past differences. In Truth, there is no real opposites or adversity, but only experiences of them until we learn to heal and expand. We have chosen to incarnate here with an ego for the very purpose of learning how to see the Truth past its dualistic perspective.

“It is not about avoiding fiery situations or individuals carrying matches, it is about getting rid of the gasoline you carry yourself.” -Franco DeNicola

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A more steady, yet subtle indication of ego is the one that creeps behind walls of intellect, walls that are only veils of brushed off fears of being vulnerable. Because behind anchored walls of intellect, there is always a hidden shame and insecurity. It is this subtle mechanism that, when ignored and left in control, tends to camouflage the Love in our words, for it disguises our very Heart.

This is the subtility of the ego’s last attempt, the one that enters “stealth mode”, and brings an illusion of peace yet still disciplins our Heart. This form of Peace will not stay.

“Are you going to do the ‘Rule’ thing, or are you going to do the ‘Right’ thing?” -Zenshine

Transparency, Vulnerability. O how they wish we could forget the true essence of strenght behind these words, and numb with ice the purity of our inner child’s Heart. How they would rather convince the mind of it’s weakness. They will try.

To let ourselves bathe in vulnerability is not about failure, no matter how it may be perceived in our world. Vulnerability is nothing but the willingness of the Heart to dissolve it’s mask of fear and surrender itself to the flow of Healing Transformation. It means to finally release and let go of all of densities of the past we withheld to this day. The release of tears is nothing to be judged, for when you dissolve the judgment, unconditional gratitude and freedom will follow. It is a victory, for we have recognised all of our challenges, trips and falls as what they are – Just an experience, that our souls have chosen to walk through first-hand, in forgetfulness. It is now time to step out of our fears and embody who we are beyond them. As the winds of transformation sweep across our reality, we have chosen to remember of this and step into the magnificence of our creator essence.

We Are Love.

To let go of all that keeps us from being and emanating the Love that we are is the path towards Freedom, yet we should remember that the path of the Heart is never set in stone, it is a natural flow. The moment we try to control outcomes and make it a rule, the rule obstructs the flow, and therefore the Soul shall create all challenges in our lives for us to become conscious of this.

It is time to stop beating ourselves up and trust the Flow.

Let’s have integrity and compassion towards ourselves and others, for it matters not how long we have struggled and worn a mask, but how much expansion will occur as we let it fall off. It matters not how it may stun at first, for the healing process will lift and dissolve layers over your natural state of Peace, free of condition.

Home lies behind our masks of fear, Home is always warm and loving. It is the blissful vibration of Unconditional Love that follows natural freedom. It is what we are made of, it is our core essence.

“Everything regenerates itself back to Love eventually, for anything else is but Love in disguise.”

All along this ride, we have fought against and avoided a mirror. What looked like our opponent was but a reflexion of our own mask, and the moment we drop our own mask, the “foe” will drop it’s own. What we will see, is the reflexion of ourselves.

Follow your Heart, no one else will tell you the Truth.


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