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After a long time of putting the idea out there we have finally decided to start CE Radio! We wanted to create an opportunity where we could get more interactive with others, offer clarity and have guests who have their own light to shed on the planet. We are currently in the works of putting together a better platform for the radio show so for now we are using BlogTalkRadio to broadcast to get things started. Once we get together some funds, resources and a bit more time we will expand with a more expansive show.

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We will be having our first show on Sunday, November 28th at 11PM Eastern time. It will be a 30 minute show and we invite anyone who wishes to tune in and check it out. We are inviting people to submit some questions or topics they would like to have discussed on the show. It can be specific questions you wish to gain clarity on or simple topics that can be expanded upon. Please submit your questions or topics to with the subject “Radio Topic” and we will do our best to cover it!

The link to our station is
You can listen to old shows once they have been completed and keep up to date with upcoming shows.

We look forward to our first show and getting questions and topics from everyone!

Much Love
CE Team

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