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One thing I find happening both in my own life as well as seeing it in others with how they interact is; we forget that each soul is at their own unique place in terms of evolution and is playing in experiences that serves both them and those around them.

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Sometimes we may find we want to judge others for where they are at or we want to interfere with their own growth because we feel we need to help them. Truth is, much of the time we are not truly seeing what we are to offer them because we are stuck in the idea that it’s our duty to help them or show them something even when they are not finished playing with it. We may see something clearly or feel that certain things are obvious as they play out in others lives but given their own growth they may see it differently. It’s important we not judge other souls for what they do and what they are playing with as what they are experiencing is perfect for them.

We may look around at various things that go on in the world and feel that those doing them or creating them need to be judged, but they are simply playing a limited role and that role is where they are choosing to play and what will provide the experiences that those around them require for their growth as well. When we don’t take things so seriously and begin to see the planet as a playground, we tend not to fall into this judgment so quickly. We are more easily able to allow others to be where they are at and only share with them what truly needs to be shared from our hearts vs. what our minds want to share as a result of the judgment we have towards their current experience.

When observing others, if what they do or what they say engages any part of you to be bothered, attack, judge, or lash out, know that this is an opportunity for you to see what attachments you still have to various things that are causing these ego driven reactions from you. Simply observe them for what they are, know that it is OK that you have reacted in whatever manner you did, but that you have the awareness to see through it now and begin to let go of those programmed reactions.

Each and every soul on the planet is another aspect of ourselves and together we make up a planet of souls all moving towards the same goal –enlightenment. We are all tools for one another in our own growth and when we remember this and see this clearly we feel the connectedness we truly have to each soul and we begin to love and appreciate them for everything they do versus wanting to judge and find things we do not like about them.  Let’s see things as less serious. Have fun with our interactions and growth and see each person for who they truly are –a beautiful aspect of yourself.

Much Love

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