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Can you see the beauty of your life experience unfolding before you? Nothing happening to you at this time is coincidence. What you are experiencing is your life creation. You are not a victim. Your life is a creation of your three minds. Your higher self/super-conscious, your sub-conscious and your conscious mind. All of which are now being reintegrated and fully functional in unision together so that you, as a soul, can take back full control of your experience and what you wish to create. We are here to purge our fears, to dissolve the veils and finally see through the illusions that have held us captive within ego consciousness. We are all a piece of the grand puzzle of perfection that is flowing into place, exactly as needed, through universal co-creation. We are not miniscule beings with no power. We are beautiful Gods and Goddesses connected through the force and energy of light and love.

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We have become disconnected and forgotten who we are. Programmed illusions of energetic baggage and blockages within our physicality have stifled our flow of energy and disconnected us from our higher selves. Yes there are souls playing the role of darkness on this planet and we agreed to play with them. We agreed to this challenge of being suppressed, of being dumbed down and poisoned, of being enslaved and it is now time to go beyond this. We chose this because we knew we were powerful enough to overcome the challenge.

Everywhere you look someone is chasing or searching for something. An endless journey of repetitive cycles of suffering and temporary satisfaction. What is it that we are all longing for? Are we longing for freedom? Are we longing for peace? Are we longing for wealth and abundance? Are we longing for love?

The illusion that these things are not already here with us now is why we suffer. Freedom is attainable but not by fighting, this is the same when it comes to peace. True inner peace and freedom is who we already are. As souls we are infinite potential and vibrate in pure light and love at peace with all that is, free to explore, play and grow. It’s only when we come to play here in darkness that we take on the illusion of seperation and judgement and fear. We take on needs and expectations, categorize everything and believe that we have to struggle to survive. This leaves us feeling empty and far from peace and freedom. We go on a chase for material wealth, thinking that it will fill the gaps of this emptiness. We already have everything that we need, we just need to dissolve these belief systems before we can move forward.

Like I said before, we have forgotten this because of the illusions. We cannot feel it or see it because of the baggage that we carry that puts veils over our third eye and our hearts. Blockages and stories of fear that take us away from being in the moment and seeing and truly feeling from the heart. We allow stories of fear to rule our lives, to hold us back. But we don’t want to be held back any more, we don’t want to suffer any longer and we want the truth.

How can we put an end to suffering and dissolve the illusions? We have to look in the one place that most are afraid to look. Within. We have to look inside of ourselves and see what we have identified with that triggers the feelings and emotions that we no longer wish to experience. We have to be courageous to be able to let go of the false identities. We have such a strong attachment and a love for the illusion which makes it difficult to dissolve. We also have to dissolve the fear of emanating and portraying our own love and light. When it really comes down to it, we are afraid of our true selves.

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The ego has been programmed for survival and it attaches itself to any thought form to keep an identity, to keep itself “alive”. The ego is not us. The ego feels no true love. It’s entire survival is based on identifying with external needs and expectations, all in all our fears. It is the ultimate program of fear. If the ego is not us and it is just a program and at the same time is the basis of fear, than is fear actually “real”? No. Fear is the illusion. When we come to this remembering we enable the ability to create our lives through the love of the heart, without fear hindering the flow of creation through universal energy. Synchronicities happen, magic unfolds and you dance with what this game of life brings your way. You see the connectedness in everything and understand that life is a perfect creation, the planet is a reflection of us, how we are each a reflection of one another and you can see each of our beautiful roles, what we’re collectively creating, and how all is in unison with a grand cycle that is unfolding before us. You remember and can see that the past and future only exist within the construct of your memory and imagination. You begin to stop empowering the stories and voice within the mind and start living for right now, right here, within the present moment. Seeing things truly for what they are. With your own light, insight and wisdom of the world you can then share it with others as you see fit. You can assist your brother and sister souls in finding their own inner peace that you have found. We are all equal, all teachers and students and all assisting one another to go beyond our fears and reach a higher, grander and more expanded experience. The ascension into a higher consciousness, a realm beyond the illusions. A realm of true freedom, true inner peace and a world of unconditional love, working together for the betterment of all. This is what awaits. Namaste.

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