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Hey Everyone,

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The YOUTUBE link is at the bottom of this article.

The time has come and Collective Evolution along with Beam Beam Pictures are proud to announce the INTERNET RELEASE of our feature length documentary titled ‘The Collective Evolution’

As mentioned, we experienced a few days of technical difficulties in getting it exported and onto YouTube. We have managed to cut the file size down to a very friendly size where everyone with any type of internet connection can watch it and not have to deal with large bandwidth usage and slow stream speeds. We are looking at possibly releasing an HD version onto YouTube in the coming weeks for those who may be interested. The DVD will have its full quality maintained and can be purchased here BUY DVD.

The DVD we are working on getting the best encoding possible and should begin shipping within a week at most.

Documentary Description:
‘The Collective Evolution’ is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon –finance, education, religion, entertainment/ media, and health/ food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported. The documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it.

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We are very excited to be releasing this documentary with the message and vibration it has associated with it and  what we put into it. Each soul that comes into contact with it will get everything it requires out of it and we are very excited for that.

We would like to ask everyone to share and spread this link around as much as you can. The information and vibration associated with this documentary is very powerful in assisting humanity and we would love to see it shared as much as possible!
In terms of the DVD, buy a copy and burn as many copies as you wish. Get it out to as many people as you can! We welcome any form of promotion and distribution.


Much Love
Collective Evolution and Beam Beam Pictures

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