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The mind is a tool we all have for experiencing this reality. We are able to decode the reality before us and store a great deal of information all through the mind. When we take in information and store it in the mind, we can do various things with it. I want to bring attention to two things, taking information in the mind, storing it and understanding it VS. taking information in through the mind, and then truly applying it to our lives. LIVE the information we know have in the mind.

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Let’s say we take in a great deal of information about how we can go about living a life through our hearts, being guided by the soul, having an awareness of what our ego is and doing what we are pulled to etc. Now we have that information stored in the mind and we understand it. We can recite it back, tell others and even see how the information applies to others lives. But what we don’t do, is truly apply it to our own lives and LIVE the understanding we have. What does this lead us to? Simply having knowledge or an understanding of something, but only at the mind level. We don’t live it, we don’t truly allow ourselves to be what we understand.

I want to make something clear here, knowing the information but not applying it in our lives truthfully, does not bring about change. It simply creates the same actions and experiences over and over again with no true growth coming as a result of what we know. Have you ever noticed others talk about ego, the way it operates and how it can blind us but still operate from their ego day to day? Not actually dis empowering their false sense of self with the knowledge and awareness they have of it?

Information is information, it does not provide any growth if we do not take it into our hands and truly LIVE what we know. We can understand things all we want, but if we don’t take that leap to truly face ourselves, our reality and live what we know, no change will come about. The change TRULY starts within yourself. It does not serve to concern so much of our time finding faults in others when we have our own selves to work on. Working on our selves and making shifts within is how we will be most serving to the entire planet.

The next time you take in information, ask yourself, “Is this something I simply understand? Or am I truly living what I know?”

Would like to take the time in this moment to share our documentary with those who have yet to see it. My challenge to you, watch it, take in the information and then go out and live what is shared. Let’s face what we are holding onto and begin to go beyond the programs and stories that keep us from emanating our true selves, infinite love and peace.

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