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Earth4All gave us an awesome interview opportunity to get a little deeper into what our documentary ‘The Collective Evolution’ is really all about, why we created it and the intention behind it. We share a lot of great information and gave a history of Collective Evolution and how it came about. We also shared a bit about our own lives for others to better understand who we are.

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Interview Description:
‘Welcome to our interesting conversation with the creators of ‘The Collective Evolution’ documentary film.  Matthew Christodoulou and Joe Martino open up to us about their own personal journeys and deeper thoughts which led to the creation of the film. We enjoyed a fairly deep conversation with the guys about the way in which our reality functions and the problems faced by humanity today.’

You can check out the interview HERE

We’d like to thank Bruce and Cari-Lee for taking the time and interest in doing this interview with us!


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