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Sight is a very different thing then perception. Sight will show you the state of the world, of your life and of others, it will show you what you enjoy and what you dislike about it, it will influence reaction. But how you take in sight is highly fickle -it depends on your perception.

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Perception is how you choose to take in the information you are exposed to. Perception is a highly personal thing, even though sight is collectively shared. Perception can be about the filtering of information with the automated thought processes of the mind, and about whether you judge it positive or negative and choose to live by either of these states. Perception can be your philosophy, your religion, your culture, your emotion, or anything of that nature.

But our perception can be shifted within a deeper aspect of ourselves, the one that doesn’t go by the “see and therefore think/react” principle, but the one that understands how thinking/reacting affects how we experience the sight.

The sight is more “moldable” than the mind thinks, for the perception will reflect the experience. The sight is illusory, for only consciousness is the motor of it. Yet our made-up system is specifically molded to emphasize on sight and discredit spiritual nature. Here lies the wonderful challenge.

The moment I began to set aside the chunk of judgment within me because of the attachment to everything that is sight, and chose to truly LISTEN to what the world tells us about ourselves, I simply chose to not engage and participate with what currently distorts it.

I chose to walk my own and natural path of challenging, yet healing transformation.

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I understand now that inner/outer chaos is merely the result of holding on when the unsustainable is making room for the new. I understand now that the world is telling us to look at ourselves first instead of trying to fix the reflexion, and how it is our own inner-duality that was projecting. I understand now that this is a learning experience -not to react the same way over and over again and expecting different results -but to recover what we believed we lost within ourselves and evolve.

What we lost is the touch with who we truly are.

But is there any truth to loss? Do we have to fight in order to reclaim something that has been within us all along? Something that IS us?

This is where the wisdom of NOW stems from.

We choose how we want to be in the world, and therefore I choose to make a stand and be the projector, the emanator, the self-healer, the creator that we truly are, instead of perpetually judging the reflexion. I choose to embody the message with my Heart and explore the silent and yet truthful voice of my intuition, instead of only “knowing” intellectually.

“Sometimes, the fastest way to get there is to go slow, sometimes if you want to hold on you’ve got to let go.” – Tina Dico

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