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It’s no secret that there is something very big happening on the planet right now. Whether you are aware of all aspects of it or not, doesn’t change the fact that most can see SOMETHING is going on. Some are feeling great internal shifts within themselves, some are feeling the need to search for more in their lives as what they are experiencing now simply isn’t cutting it anymore and some are seeing how our world is truly being run and feeling the need to share it with others. No matter how you look at it, it’s very difficult to say that the times we are in right now are simply normal.

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Often times the topic of wanting to be free and have freedom on the planet is brought up. Some feel now that because of the systems and structures in place we are not free and cannot be free and therefore we must rip them down to experience freedom. While I am all for having the systems and structures change into something more harmonious with the planet, it isn’t the system or structures or even the elite that are TRULY keeping us from experiencing freedom. If we were to take down the structures now there would still be a big portion of ourselves that would be keeping us from truly being free and experiencing what we wanted on a moment to moment basis. This aspect of us is our program, our beliefs and belief systems –the ego.

How can one experience true freedom if there are conditions, expectations and guidelines to follow? In almost everything we do we have belief systems or conditions as to why we do them, how we do them and how they must turn out. How many times have we been involved with things simply for reasons to generate something superficial? How many times have we not been involved with something because we didn’t know if we could get the money we needed or didn’t know if it would get the response we wanted? What about why we buy certain things? The jobs we take? The reasons we get into relationships and the reasons why we leave them? How can we be free when we literally have conditions and rules in every aspect? When you REALLY look at it, how much truth do any of these conditions or belief systems even have? None.

The truth is, what we have bought into as a set of rules or guidelines has simply come from a bill of goods we bought into at some point in our lives and we play them out because we think they are real. If you want to experience TRUE freedom this is what you must dissolve, the programs and beliefs that condition your entire reality here. No structure or elite can stop you from dissolving this and being free, they can only offer the challenge of making it more challenging to do, which is what we agreed to play with anyway.

Take a moment as you act/react in certain situations, your jobs, your relationships, your health, your money based decisions etc. and ask yourself if there are conditions of expectations behind each one. Once you realize them you see there is no truth to them. They are just stories, constructs within the mind that limit us on a daily basis. To experience TRUE freedom, take the power away from these stories, see them and don’t allow them to play out any longer. Choose not to play with them and live your life free of the mind construct that keeps you limited. This is true freedom.

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