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You can “do” in this world to change it, because that is what we all have to do. We have to BE the change we want to see. Being you is the first step to begin the change you were here to create.  If you knew the solution to flip the world around (in a beautiful way) would you not do it? The power of collective thought is real; our thoughts manifest themselves into what we currently call “reality”.

Our thoughts and emotions are constantly changing our view of reality. Real intent and a most honest and genuine feeling in your heart creates real energy and movement and a “hold” on to what you are trying to “get”. This is known by those that are currently influencing your planet. On a collective level, our souls are simply saying “ok, that’s good enough, and we don’t need this anymore “. This is why so many souls on the planet are starting to feel the need for change, and have shifted (naturally/physically) to one mission, and that is simply to just be ourselves .There is no longer a need to have a fear of being you. Be what you are, be love and that is a necessary CORE for change. Being love means your actions and reactions always truly resonate with what you  are feeling inside. Eventualy, we all have to “get rid of our buttons”, so they cannot be pushed, or “carry no gasoline” so it cannot be lit.

This change must happen on the group level, by all of us, worldwide. Our “wants” and “needs” are created for us, shaped by a mass illusion of reality created by what some might recognize as “the illuminati”. In order to keep our intention away from what can make this world change; mass “mind control” has been used.  We have to step away from the program, find and listen to ourselves and “hear” our feelings speak to us. All and all, we create our reality through thought, emotions and feelings. Our whole world paradigm is shifting into a realization of what we can do. To alleviate experiences here on earth (poverty, war, greed etc) we must adjust the global mindset to one entity. This “global mindset”, for a “long” period of “time” that has ruled our planet has been a part of a program. Your television, cell phone, clothes and a wide variety of Multi National Corporations around the world must influence your thoughts and perception of reality in order to sell their product! But they are not just doing it to sell you a product, and that is the key.

Money is the backbone and structure of the entire system; it is simply a made up tool used for creating our reality, for as long as we chose to remain in it. By the use of many techniques, our minds have been manipulated without even knowing it. Although the manipulation continues, some are unaware, some are aware but feel it is all doom and gloom, and some completely just do not resonate with it anymore, and are working out their energy on a path to, or in a state of inner peace. Money is a tool used to create the “struggle to survive” life, attitude and energy. Some on the planet have to experience this reality, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The only thing that resonates with some is pure love all the time and everywhere, souls that currently have no fear of judgment, and do not judge themselves. By being ourselves in our everyday interaction we change the world. To be at peace. To be love. To be what you are, and always have been. You don’t have to be afraid of what your represent anymore, nor do you need to care what other people think about you. Judgment does not exist, it is just a state of mind. The languages here do not do justice to the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not easily transferred through paper, and linguistic communication. If only we could speak with our feelings to one another, no one would hurt, because we are all one and we wouldn’t want to be hurting. All you need for anything is what is within.

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